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I work with a wide variety of people,couples and families that are impacted by life, yet in different ways. My work is customized to fit your needs, I do not offer a one-size fits all approach. You are an individual and your therapy should suit your needs

Might any of these statements be true for you?

"I have always felt that I could manage anything that came my way, but now I am feeling vulnerable, uncertain, and anxious, even depressed."

"I am overwhelmed by dealing with illness (mine or another’s). I don’t know if I have the resilience, patience, energy I had when I was younger to cope."

"I am getting older and I am feeling more isolated and meaningless. I used to feel important as a career person, a parent, a spouse and now those things claim less of me and I feel lost." 

"Our marriage used to feel like a "safe place". Something has changed, and now we feel distrusting and distant from one another." 

"We are facing a difficult time - lots of important decisions to make about our life, our children, ourselves - and all we seem to know how to do is to fight and withdraw from one another."

"I thought I had dealt with issues about my family, my mother, my ex – but here I am and these issues are tormenting me again!

These, and other life issues, can feel overwhelming and without answers. This doesn't need to be. However, trying to work ourselves out of these dilemmas without some help can be daunting.

My work is focused on helping you find the answers that best suit your life. We will work together, as a team, to make sense out of the knot of issues and   feelings that are causing you distress. Our work, will assist you in making well informed choices that feel right for you .

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