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Cracked Open:

Reflections on the Transformative Power of Failure, Fear & Doubt

Cracked Open (Available as a paperback, and ebook on Amazon and other online retailers)

In this provocative, raw and deeply honest book, Leslie Malin opens the door to allow 
bravery and transformation to enter for all of us.

Who has not suffered from self-doubt, fear of failure, and loss? The essential question posed by Cracked Open is, “Can I brave life’s storms or will I curl up in the desire to be safe rather than venture forth to meet my future?”

Cracked Open is a meditation. This volume combines quotations from many traditions, eras, and genres, coupled with the author’s reflections on their meaning.

This book can:
- Embolden you to take back your power
- Use difficulties as inspiration
- Embrace your discomfort, fear, and shame 
- Throw off your fear of failure - discover lessons for transformation 
- Turn loss and sorrow into hope,courage, & joy. 
- Change you and thereby changes your future.

Cracked Open’s interior four-colored presentation presents a quotations page with a corresponding reflections page, Read this book cover to cover, and then explore it’s deeper value when you randomly enter at any page to discover just the right quotation and reflection that can lead your thinking into channels of deeper personal awareness.

Welcome the Light: A Journal/Coloring Book

welcome the light (Available as a paperback, and ebook on Amazon and other online retailers)

"Welcome the Light", is the first in the Reflections Journal series. It is a beautifully designed Journal/Coloring Book that includes Planning Pages, Journal pages, Personal Exploration Exercises, as well as full and smaller abstract images for coloring; all accompanied by inspiring quotations.

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